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Air Show Media Productions

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Jet Fueled Media LLC covers air show events in the Northeast region of the US and Canada.  We’re a member of EAA, IAC, and NECAS.  Jet Fueled Media is an independently owned and operated, non-profit media organization.  Every season, we travel to 10-16 air show events with-in a 600mi drive radius of Cleveland Ohio, to cover the event in 4K video.  We collaborate with event coordinators, air bosses & crew, performers, and military personnel.  All videos and interviews are documentary and "High Energy'' productions, capturing the fun and spirit of the event.  The intent is for promoting the events and performers, supporting aviation, military, and the air show industry, by use of social media platforms year round.

Recording Air Show Events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Indiana, Michigan, and Ontario Canada.


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Cleveland, Ohio


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